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Self-imposed isolation: Prison or Freedom?

prison or freedom

There are two ways to look at a period of isolation from other people. (Be it self-imposed or otherwise.)

You can look at it as a hardship.


Something to be endured. You can’t wait to see the end of it.

OR . . . . .

You can it as an opportunity for reflection. And for reinvention.

A chance to read. To absorb new input. Go down previously-unexplored rabbit holes in your mind.

If you’re a natural extrovert, this will not come easily.


Some people spent their lives desperately trying to drown out the voices and thoughts in their own heads.

They end every conversation with one thought:

Find another conversation, fast.

Anything to avoid having to listen to myself THINK.

If that’s you, then let me suggest:

You now have an opportunity to discover your Inner Introvert.

For example:

Terrified of hearing the voices in your head?

The world’s introverts are terrified of NOT hearing the voices in their heads.

Their imaginary worlds might not be the real one, but they're a darn sight more interesting.

(Yes, there is the danger that Mr or Mrs Introvert doesn’t emerge from the imaginary world in time to rescue the burning supper on the stove. That IS a problem.)

You don’t have to imagine too hard to predict that in a month’s time, when we emerge from our Covid Avoidance Cocoons, the world will have changed irreparably. Maybe beyond recognition.

But I predict that some of that change is going to be really positive.

Some people are going to emerge saying, I’ve just had the best rest I’ve had in years! Can we do this again soon?

(Answer: Why not? Schedule it in your now.)

Some will emerge having developed entirely new skills, that they never had time to develop before.

New businesses will be started. New partnerships. Books read. Ideas germinated. Recipes tested on the stove, literally and otherwise.

Some people who’ve never worked remotely before will be surprised to find, They love it. They aren’t going back to the horrible office.

Some people will have learned to think for themselves, for the first time in their lives.

Some people will have had a month, not of imprisonment, but of Freedom. (Nobody hates slavery like an ex-slave.)

Some people will have completely redesigned their lifestyles. In ways they never allowed themselves to entertain before.

All because . . . .

A Strange New Virus gave you a Gift of Time.

Use it well.
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