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These guys provide you with the same protection against robot hacks that Google's reCAPTCHA does, but . . . . . you're not feeding Google's Big Data machine. I like that.

I wouldn't have a problem with reCAPTCHA if I thought Google's mantra was still Don't be Evil.

It isn't. Google is.

hCaptcha are privacy- and security-focused. CCPA and GDPR friendly. Free to publishers, but when you get big enough, you can pay for added features.

Brilliant. Count me in. Count yourself in too.

The New Age of Intelligence

I'd been at a conference in Chicago.

On the way home, a chap I'd met there named Mike texted me. I'm sending you a book!

What a delightful chap, methinks. (Which he is.) From the title, I inferred it would be about AI.

Strange. AI wasn't a talking point at the conference. I passed it off as nothing. The arrived a week later.

It rocked my world. (Read: Scared the hell out of me.)

The New Age of Intelligence is a scant 55 pages long, but I was hard-pressed to finish it in a week. Two chapters was as much as my cerebellum could tolerate before needing a sofa on which to panic quietly.

By the end of it, I knew two things:

(1) I must digest as much of the authors' thinking as my brain will absorb. Fortunately, Paul Rosenberg’s case hasn't made the search difficult. Go to Free Man's Perspective. Plus, he’s written other books as well, including two novels. Jonathan Logan, on the other hand, has a website ( to which he posts sporadically, but otherwise stays well under the radar.

(2) We’re all screwed. Snowden did his thing in 2013, and have we wised up? Hell no, things are even worse.

Well, we’re not necessarily screwed. Not if we do something about it. But it is going to be one hell of a turbulent ride. This site is in significant measure a response to this book.

Am I now a conspiracy theorist? Read it yourself and decide.

Production versus Plunder

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