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These are written musings on whatever strikes my fancy, but often drawing on past experience and family history.

3 years ago

The most harmful substances on the planet can’t be swallowed, inhaled or injected . . . . but you’re already addicted to them


My old dad started his career as a rocket scientist with the military. Literally. Then he migrated to lasers, and from there to chemical warfare agents. Sarin, Soman, Tabun . . . . And those are just the old ones. Nasty stuff, them thar warfare agents. Want an idea just HOW nasty? Lick the tip of your finger with […]

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4 years ago

Unanswered questions of a returned Canuck

unanswered questions

We’d heard that it’s harder to go back to the country you left than it was to leave it in the first place.Diplomats, world travellers, missionaries, all said that when you leave home, and live abroad for as little as two years, the return is more painful than the departure.Now that we’ve done it . […]

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4 years ago

The hidden blessing of an introvert’s superpower

introvert superpower

Seems I’ve always been a late bloomer.Not intellectually. My grades through school were always decent enough. Never top of the class, but never far from top either. Bright enough that I seemed to exude that brainy, bookish, geeky look that said Uh-oh, another guy who just thinks all the time.But in most other respects, I seem […]

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