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Talkin’ bout our generations, ep. 3

In this episode, Coronavirus just moves in and takes over.  And ironically, I’ve got a cold when this is recorded. (Apologies for the corresponding sound effects.) The All-hell-that-has-broken-loose around the world . . . . has broken loose right in our own backyards.  We compare notes between the way people are responding in big-city Ontario vs […]

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Talkin’ bout our generations, ep. 2

In this episode:How to talk to prospective clients’ copywriters. War-stories from past engineering employers, and the light they shed on human needs.  And . . . .  Should we use the looming Coronavirus fear in our copywriting efforts?(Photo credit: Pixabay)

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Talkin’ bout our generations, ep. 1

Strange things happen when you go to live events.You meet people TOTALLY different from you.NOTHING in common . . . . except . . . . you’re walking the same, lonely road.And suddenly . . . . that’s EVERYTHING.Arnold Flores and I met at a Perry Marshall event in Chicago, May 2019. In fact, we met […]

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