a few months ago

What would George Orwell think of us now?

what would george orwell think

I listened to a fascinating interview yesterday of an East London trade-unionist named Paul Embery. Here’s the interview if you’re a sucker for punishment like me: Insert Video But you don’t have to watch the whole thing (or any of it, really) if you want the gist of it. You just need to know the title […]

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6 months ago

The most harmful substances on the planet can’t be swallowed, inhaled or injected . . . . but you’re already addicted to them


My old dad started his career as a rocket scientist with the military. Literally. Then he migrated to lasers, and from there to chemical warfare agents. Sarin, Soman, Tabun . . . . And those are just the old ones. Nasty stuff, them thar warfare agents. Want an idea just HOW nasty? Lick the tip of your finger with […]

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8 months ago

10 questions no one is asking right now (which you SHOULD be)

questions no one is asking

If there’s one thing that suffers in a crisis, it’s the number, and the QUALITY, of the questions people ask themselves.The current crisis is no exception. And the problem is . . . .A crisis is the WORST time to stop asking questions.A question forces you to stop panicking and reacting.And to think. And reflect. Consider: How does […]

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8 months ago

Life-changing questions to ask your customers (for which they’ll thank you 10 years from now


Aaaaahhhh, there you are, Sherlock. Sitting comfortably? Excellent.  Let us begin. Your customers will walk through the doors of your little shop this morning with at least one question running through their head. They may not know how to articulate it, but . . . They have a question. Guaranteed.If it’s a bad morning, they’ll have two or three, or […]

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10 months ago

What 1 thing does SCIENCE say is absolutely CRUCIAL to a Life Well Lived, that almost everyone is missing right now?

life worth living

What science says? About a life well lived? Short answer? SQUAT. Science doesn’t say a BLESSED THING about it. (Disclaimer: I haven’t surveyed the thousands and thousands of articles in Psychology Today and all the social science journals out there. It’s quite possible, even probable, that they do have something to say about this. But here’s the upshot:It actually don’t […]

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last year

My forecast for this decade

Well, whaddya know.  Always wanted to see a tornado, but sorta figured it would come when I was . . . . somewhat further south. We’d been taking my brother-in-law and girlfriend on a tour of downtown Ottawa, and were heading home along the southern shore of the Ottawa River. When the tornado alert sounded on several cellphones […]

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