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The 3rd of the most harmful and addictive substances on the planet

harmful and addictive substances

The first one was FEAR. The second, SHAME.

This one’s easy to imagine too.

It's ENVY.

We’re just taking the table, and spinnin' it round.

Now you’re the angry female office worker, who’s sick of seeing men in the office paid more, to do less work.

Sick TO DEATH of reading the Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein stories.

Cuz’ they remind you of that . . . . that incident . . . . back in the study room at university. With that disgusting specimen of a professor.

(That incident that STILL gives you nightmares.)

Now you’re the hard-working black businessman, who’s just buried his third family member this year, and has five more he tries to visit in Folsom every couple months.

Now you’re the kid from The Projects. Watching the rich kids drive around in their black Audi’s, while you hope Mom’s got enough change to spot you for the bus to work.

Work. You know. The burger joint. Where you wear a mask and visor all day, flippin’ burgers for the rich kids to eat, hoping against hope the joint doesn’t close down when the latest uptick in Covid numbers gets announced.


Recognize it?

You have your own bottle of little ENVY pills that you keep in the bathroom at home. You take two or three a day.

ENVY has a second name, by the way: RESENTMENT

Both ENVY and RESENTMENT are why Karl Marx was able to gain a hearing back in the 19th Century.

And why Marxism and socialism are suddenly so in vogue today on university campuses. (Pretty near everywhere, frankly.)

ENVY and RESENTMENT are why so many people voted a certain Donald from the Political Nowhere to become The Prez. (And maybe now the Ex-Prez. Time will tell.)

ENVY and RESENTMENT, and Marxism and socialism, and Trump, etc, etc . . . . all tell you:

  • You see those guys over there?
  • You know, THEM.
  • The peeps who look better than you, feel better, feel happier, have no problems, have no worries?
  • They’re the reason you feel so rotten.
  • They’ve got more than their fair share.
  • Hell, they’ve STOLEN your share.
  • You’re absolutely right to feel hard done by. Somebody should DO something. You should have back what’s rightfully yours!

This can apply to money, jobs, opportunities, education . . . . even just plain old happiness.

Y’know, some people just aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

Got a miserable friend or relative? You know, someone who’s just so hard done by?

Notice how they’re always dropping by? And the moment they’re in the door, they’re already spilling their latest woes onto you?

There’s a reason for the saying, Misery loves company.

They’re desperate for reassurance.

Reassurance that they’re totally justified in feeling as angry and bitter as they do.

And they Can’t Stand happy people.

Happy people have more than their fair share of happiness.

As if Happiness is some universal commodity, that should be showered equally on everybody, no matter who, where or how.


It will Rot Your Bones, says King Solomon of ancient times.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All three of these toxins . . . . .

FEAR . . . .

SHAME . . . .

and ENVY . . . .

. . . . will do the very things to YOU . . . .

. . . . that ENVY tells you, Other People have done to you.

I’m here to tell you, good friend . . . .

Covid-19 has nuthin’ on these viruses.

They afflict the entire human race.

I’VE been afflicted with them, for much of my life. The after-effects still linger.

FORTUNATELY . . . . . I’ve discovered . . . .

. . . . It’s possible to RECOVER.

There is a VACCINE.

That really, REALLY works.

And just as the Terrible Toxic Trio are all in the mind . . . .

So is the Vaccine.

And therefore, it is both FREE and PRICELESS, at the same time.


More on that next post.

(Photo courtesy of André Santana at Pixabay.)

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