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10 questions no one is asking right now (which you SHOULD be)

If there’s one thing that suffers in a crisis, it’s the number, and the QUALITY, of the questions people ask themselves.The current crisis is no exception. And the problem is . . . .A crisis is the WORST time to stop asking questions.A question forces you to stop panicking and reacting.And to think. And reflect. Consider: How does […]

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Life-changing questions to ask your customers (for which they’ll thank you 10 years from now

Aaaaahhhh, there you are, Sherlock. Sitting comfortably? Excellent.  Let us begin. Your customers will walk through the doors of your little shop this morning with at least one question running through their head. They may not know how to articulate it, but . . . They have a question. Guaranteed.If it’s a bad morning, they’ll have two or three, or […]

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