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10 questions no one is asking right now (which you SHOULD be)

questions no one is asking

If there’s one thing that suffers in a crisis, it’s the number, and the QUALITY, of the questions people ask themselves.

The current crisis is no exception.

And the problem is . . . .

A crisis is the WORST time to stop asking questions.

A question forces you to stop panicking and reacting.

And to think. And reflect.


How does just about any intelligent conversation start?

It starts with a question

And, in general, the harder the question is to answer . . . .

. . . .  the more stimulating the conversation.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 questions that no one is asking right now, and which are VERY worthwhile you spending time thinking about:


(1) Who decides this Covid pandemic over? Whose job is it to stand up and proclaim, The pandemic is OVER! How likely are they to do it?

(Wars and viruses have two things in common. They’re both notoriously easy to start, and they're both very hard to stop.)

(2) Who’s winning in this pandemic? (It’s not hard to see who’s losing.) Who’s secretly thrilled that all this is going on, and wouldn’t be the least bit bothered if it never ends?

(3) How will we know when racism has been eliminated? What will prove it?

How about sexism?

(4) How will we know when equal pay for equal work has been achieved? What will prove it?

(5) How will you know when the injustice done to you (whatever it is), has been corrected? How much revenge, how big a fine, or how many years in prison, will satisfy you?

(6) When there is total parity between males and females in every office, every factory, every board of directors, every legislative body . . . .

Will you be content that sexism has been eliminated?

Will you then relax, and be permanently happy?

Are you SURE ?????

(Repeat previous question, and substitute blacks and whites, gays and non-gays, etc, etc.)

(7) If Trump and his cronies get defeated (or Biden, or Johnson, or Macron, whoever your enemy is), all his supporters skulk away in permanent depression, and any chance of anyone like him  being elected ever again is ZERO . . . .

Will you relax and go back to sleep?

(8) When there is ZERO possibility of anything bad happening to you ever again . . . . no chance of pain AT ALL . . . . will you be happy?

(9) What is Nirvana or Utopia for you? How are you going to make it happen? How will you know when you’ve achieved it? Are you totally sure it will make you permanently happy?

(10) Is it possible . . . .

. . . . that the very thing you really long for . . . .

. . . . has been sitting inside you all this freakin' time?

And all you had to do . . . . was reach out . . . .

. . . . and switch it on?

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