Words have incredible power. AMAZING power.

They can move one person to tears, another one to commit a crime, and a third to create a masterpiece.

And questions are more powerful still. Questions are just words strung together in such a way as to evoke a suggestion or implication in someone’s head.

I once asked a man a simple question. A week later, he announced that he was moving his family to Tanzania.

One simple question.

Is it possible you’re not asking yourself big enough questions?

Is it possible you’re not asking your CUSTOMERS big enough questions?

Stick around. This site is all about words, questions, and how to move people to better situations.

And how to move money from the pockets of people who have too much, to the pockets of people who need it.

Meet the Question and Persuasion Jedi.

question persuasion jedi superpowers

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