Talkin’ with Arnold, ep. 1

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Strange things happen when you go to live events.

You meet people TOTALLY different from you.

NOTHING in common . . . . except . . . . you’re walking the same, lonely road.

And suddenly, that’s EVERYTHING.

Arnold Flores and I met at a Perry Marshall event in Chicago, May 2019.

In fact, we met at a dinner the night before the event. I was just off the plane, barely sat down, before Arnold saunters up and sits next to me.

His story got my attention lightning fast.

A year later, we’re still talking.

In this episode:

Getting started with copywriting. Meeting Michel (Mike) Fortin, an A-list copywriter guru guy. Writing out Gary Halbert’s stuff. Online tools. And the power of real conversation.

(Recorded Feb 27th, 2020)