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Fight the Retirement Virus

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)“Hey Dave! When are you going to retire?”Lost track how may times I’ve been asked that.I knew that the poser of the question was never being entirely sincere. The real, unstated question was:“Hey Dave! When can we have unfettered access to all of your time, energy and attention? You’re just so darn useful to […]

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Inaction, the undervalued habit

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)What do three 21st-Century geeks have in common with three 19th-Century politicians?The three geeks were three bosses. Mine, in fact.I’ve had numerous bosses over the years. None, fortunately, were bad, so I’ve been luckier than most. Almost everyone has an Evil Boss story to tell.But three really stand out. Kevin, Mike and […]

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What’s worse than a life spent cleaning up someone else’s mess?

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)I came across this Facebook group yesterday, called Sounds like Baby Boomers but OK.The group description start with:Arguably the most selfish generation ever. Thanks a lot for leaving this bullshit mess for us.OK, so it’s probably targeting climate-change-preoccupied millenials. The description ends with We also don’t put up with argumentative behaviour in here.Uh-huh {snort}.But […]

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